VMware vSphere health check Guidance

ESXI Server hardware Information :-

  • Server Model
  • Serial Number
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Local hard drive
  • Number H.D.D
  • Type of HDD
  • BIOS
  • Number of host
  • Application health Check
    • vCenter Build/Release
    • License summary
    • Active Sessions
    • ESX/ESXi Build/Release
    • Cluster(s) Name/Statistics (Hosts, CPU and MEM availabity, HA,DRS and DPM enabled, Resource Pools, Health
    • ESX/ESXi Hardware configuration (NICs/HBAs)
    • ESX/ESXi Hardware Health Sensor via CIM
    • ESX/ESXi State
    • ESX/ESXi Configurations (for detailed information, use detail-hosts option)
    • ESX/ESXi Multipathing Info (only available in host or detail-hosts option)
    • ESX/ESXi Datastore summary
    • ESX/ESXi LUN summary
    • ESX/ESXi Port group summary
    • ESX/ESXi Host logs
    • CDP Summary
    • Recent Task
    • Virtual Machine summary
    • VM Storage summary
    • VM Network summary
    • VM w/Snapshots
    • VM w/Snapshot delta age
    • VM w/RDMs
    • VM w/NPIV enabled
    • VM w/connected CD-ROMs
    • VM w/connected Floppy’s
    • Protection health check
    • Backup virtual machine list
    •  last backup date
    • Pending snapshot for vms (right click the vms and check the snapshot)

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