VERITAS NETBACKUP HubStor cloud Data Platform

Why Hubstor,

  • Protect M365 Entirely (teams, Groups, SharePoint, OneDrive, Mailboxes and Audit Logs
  • Scale to support Petabyte Plus size environments with unlimited retention and retention
  • High-Performance backup/restore that avoids tripping API Throttling
  • Support multiple M365 domains, including cross-site restores
  • Scheduled backups or continuous data protection for critical users and data

key capabilities and benefits from competition

  • Continuous backup capabilities
  • Support for mailboxes and site collections
  • Support for Teams wikis and the unified audit log
  • Granular restore with point-in-time options
  • Unlimited storage
  • Immutable storage
  • Petabyte scalability
  • Bulk restores Export externally (to PST, Azure Blob Storage, S3, file path)
  • Azure AD integration with support for modern authentication and IP whitelisting
  • Data sovereignty controls with support for multiple domains and multi-geo scale out
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture with SOC2 Compliance
  • Transparent Cloud Pricing

Hubstor Key Features

  • Protected workloads: – M365, Box, Slack, Google Drive, VMs, and on-prem workloads (Salesforce on roadmap for FY22/Q3
  • Data-Center: –   Microsoft Azure 50+ sites
  • End-User-self Service & Legal Hold
  • eDiscovery Search
  • Performance: – 6 TB per day and more (due to azure limitation)
  • Continuous data protection
  • Retention and archiving (Policy based)
  •   Scheduling
  • Restore: – in-line/download/share/on-prem
  • Enterprise Security hardening and redundancy options
  • Multi-geo scale-out and federation

Key summary: –

  • Hubstor can really help enterprises to address today rapidly dominating cloud-based data-protection challenges.
  • Continues data protection is the key feature to avoid journaling requirement at certain point
  • Platform is hosted on the azure data-center
  • No need to invest separate for eDiscovery and legal holds  
  • No headache of backup and restore, export capabilities is available for Export externally (to PST, Azure Blob storage, S3, File path)
  • and much more …