Upgrade Order For Nutanix Cluster

Nutanix has recommended Order to Upgrade Nutanix component ,as following

Upgrade Prism Central 

  1. Upgrade and run NCC on Prism Central
  2. Upgrade Prism Central.
  3. Run NCC.

 Upgrade Prism Element 

  1. Upgrade and run NCC.
  2. Upgrade Foundation
  3. Run and upgrade Life Cycle Manager (LCM): but dont upgrade any other component such as sata dom
  4. Upgrade AOS.
  5. Run and upgrade Life Cycle Manager (LCM): upgrade all other components
  6. Upgrade Hypervisor
  7. Run NCC


How to Configure VLAN Trunking on Nutanix Cluster

By default, a virtual NIC (VM NIC) on a guest VM operates in access mode. In this mode, the VM NIC can send and receive traffic only over its own specified VLAN. If restricted to using access mode interfaces, a VM running an application on multiple VLANs (such as a firewall application) must use multiple VM NICs—one for each VLAN. Instead of configuring multiple VM NICs in access mode, you can configure a single VM NIC to operate in trunked mode. A VM NIC in trunked mode can send and receive traffic over any number of VLANs in addition to its own VLAN. You can trunk specific VLANs or all VLANs. A VM NIC in trunk mode can convert back to access mode, meaning the VM NIC reverts to sending and receiving traffic only over its own VLAN.

Steps :-

acli vm.nic get <vm_name>
acli vm.nic_create  <VM_name> network=<net_name> vlan_mode=kTrunked  trunked_networks=<comma separated VLAN ID list>


To update an existing virtual NIC from access mode to trunked mode.

acli vm.nic_update  <VM_name>  <vm_mac_addr>  update_vlan_trunk_info=true  vlan_mode=kTrunked  trunked_networks=100,200,300

acli vm.get  <vm_name>

Jumbo frames for Nutanix Cluster

Jumbo Frame is basically a ability to increase packet payload size which can be beneficial when processing a large amount of data through the network itself.

Nutanix AHV uses the standard Ethernet max transmission unit (MTU) of 1,500 bytes for all external communication by default. Jumbo frames are optional, because the standard 1,500 byte MTU still delivers excellent performance, but increasing the MTU can be beneficial in some scenarios

Default MTU vaule is 1500

Jubmo Frame MTU Vault is 9000

Nutanix recommanded to use Jubmo frame to use for Nutanix Volume to represent high Performance ISCSI Storage External Server which can help to increase Effciency for application such as oracle database connected to the Nutanix volumes .

Be sure to plan carefully before enabling jumbo frames. Configure the entire network infrastructure from end to end with jumbo frames to avoid packet fragmentation, poor performance, or disrupted connectivity.

Check the current configuratin :-

root@ahv# ovs-appctl bond/show
root@ahv# ip link | grep mtu


Reconfigure CVM to make changes :-

nutanix@cvm$ sudo ip link set eth0 mtu 9000 
nutanix@cvm$ sudo ip link set eth2 mtu 9000

To permanently modify the MTU so it persists through a restart, append the string ‘MTU=”9000“’ to the end of the following configuration files on the CVM:

nutanix@cvm$ sudo echo ‘MTU=“9000”’ >> /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 
nutanix@cvm$ sudo echo ‘MTU=“9000”’ >>  /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth2

host reboot is required hence follow the safe reboot task.