Convert VMware ESXI Cluster to Nutanix AHV | Key Points to know

Nutanix Customer really wanted to test the Nutanix AHV with their Running production environment but also don’t want to get locked , also there are many others cases where Nutanix Cluster Conversation heling in effortlessly transition

Nutanix provide capability to convert VMware ESXI Cluster to Nutanix AHV cluster with the single click , below are some key notes .

  • it is support when you already have VMware Cluster is running
  • you can rollback anytime in case if you want to continue with AHV and want to revert back to VMware
  • Nutanix NGT tool needs to be install in all vm
  • All Vm must need to  be contacted to VM Network port group not with backplane or any default
  • Run Validation wizard to know if there is any errors
  • Admission control must need to be disable on vcenter
  • NTP Server must need to be reachable
  • VCenter Must need to register in Prism Element
  • it is batter to shutdown VMs while you convert the cluster and it is always recommended to have good backup for VMs
  • CVM Memory 32 GB
  • Run NCC Health Check After conversion




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