Nutanix 5 in 5 Prism Pro


Nutanix Prism pro is Powered by adavanced machine learning technology Prism Pro can mine large volumes of system data to automate common tasks and generate actionable insights to optimize virtualization, infrastructure management, and everyday operations.

  • VM rightsizing :-

With the help of Prism Pro , System admin can easily take decision to right size the vm can avoid unwanted capacity wastage

  • Anomaly detection

Nutanix Prism Pro improves the quality and efficiency in IT operations for the modern datacentre. Powered by the machine learning and task automation, Prism Pro intelligently optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence

    • Anomaly Detection: Predictive monitoring based on behavioural analysis to generate actionable signals and provide early warnings.
    • Bottleneck Detection: Intelligent detection of VM performance bottleneck using machine learning.
    • Remediation Actions: Using X-Play, IT team can create playbooks for common remediation or troubleshooting steps. Those playbooks can be triggered automatically based on the alert polices.


  • X-Play (automation) & X-FIT

Prism Pro includes a powerful application and VM-centric capacity forecast, planning, and optimization engine powered by Nutanix’s X-Fit and X-Play technologies.

  • Capacity Behaviour Analytics: Predictive analysis of capacity usage and trends based on workload behaviour enabling pay-as-you-grow scaling.
  • Capacity Optimization: Inefficiency detection in resource usage and automated optimization of VM sizing based on VM behavioural analysis
  • Just-in-Time Forecast: Capacity expansion forecast to meet future workload growth


Efficient management

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