How Nutanix is Secured and robust hardened Platform

Security is a core part of the Nutanix platform and was kept in mind from day one. The Nutanix Security Development Lifecycle (SecDL) incorporates security into every step of the development process. The Nutanix controlled parts of the platform is secure out of the box, rather than being an afterthought requiring end-users to “harden” the platform.

When we think about security we’re really trying to achieve 3 core things (aptly named the CIA triad):

  1. Confidentially
    • Protect and secure data by preventing unauthorized access
  2. Integrity
    • Ensure the consistency and accuracy of data by preventing unauthorized alteration
  3. Availability
    • Ensure authorized users get access to data through resiliency and redundancy

This can be simplified down to a simple statement: enable users to do their jobs while keeping the bad people out. When we’re designing for security we need to look at a few core areas of interest which is highlighted in the following diagram:





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