VERITAS Access appliance for Netbackup and EnterpriseVault

VERITAS access appliance is built for primary purpose for replacing tape with Veritas’ software-defined Access scale-out network attached storage—a storage solution optimized for unstructured data use cases, Access appliance is appliance is cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads like long-term retention (LTR), tape replacement and backup archiving

Supported Protocal :- 

Amazon S3, CIFS, NFS, SMB for file and object access, and iSCSI target support for block storage.

Intergration :- 

Deeply integrated with Veritas NetBackup andNetBackup CloudCatalyst, providing a turnkey, cost-optimized LTR solution for large-scale (PB) deployments where Veritas NetBackup is the primary backup utility. Integration with CloudCatalyst deduping
capability reduces storage and media transfer costs. NetBackup’s proven, enterprise-hardened deduplication saves space,

Use Cases :- 

  • Long-term retention for Veritas NetBackup and other backup applications
  • Archiving with Veritas Enterprise Vault™
  • Unstructured file data storage
  • Mixed I/O workloads


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