Increase Productivity of Backup admins with Netbackup Self Service 8.2

IT infrastructure is rapidly increasing as a different kind of the number of applications are also increasing, each application required special skills set to manage so the number of application admins is also increasing and these the cycle has increased challenges for backup admin to keep testing backup and restore and that just to make sure that backup is valid or to meet compliance requirements. For such a task application stack holder are always highly depended on the backup admin

With the help of Netbackup self-service option dependancy on the backup, the administrator can be minimized by providing tenant access to the application stack holder to test the backup and restore it.

NetBackup Self Service 8.2 empowers users to self-serve common backup and restore requests while providing automation and control to IT. Self Service’s multi-tenant, role-based access, and dashboard features provide visibility over what’s protected and ongoing backup usage. Self Service’s request forms put complex policy management tasks safely in the h

For Enterprises Managing backups and restores for many thousands of endpoints across multiple locations and data centers is a task that typically requires a team of specialists. Effecting changes to policies can be a time consuming, an error-prone, manual activity that can leave vital resources unprotected. Enabling an intuitive self-service portal reduces complexity and errors, and automates a significant number of manual policy change activities. It also enables non-backup specialists to carry out backup and recovery-related tasks in a controlled and audited environment.

For Service providers Providing backup and restore services to multiple tenants across mixed platforms is a challenge for many service providers. Service providers can enable self-service

and automate tenant requests for backups and restores. This action puts the tenant in control and significantly reduces provisioning costs. NetBackup Self Service allows multiple tenants to access a tailored, self-service portal through which requests to back up and restore infrastructure are made intuitively. The status of their protected environments is tracked and reported. Service providers gain from automation while ensuring strict separation and security between tenant environments. Tenants gain control and visibility over what is protected.

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