Nutanix Foundation for Bare metal Nodes are failing while Formatting Disk (Dual SSDs) with Foundation Image 4.3

Although Nutanix provides the foundation ready nodes from the factory, there are some instances where you don’t get the ready nodes and you have do foundation by yourself either with foundation VM or Phoenix iso

The manual foundation process is also very seamless and easy with both the approach and doesn’t require much time.

A manual foundation may fail at the first attempt with the dual SSD Nutanix block, I didn’t experience these issues with the single SSD nodes.

Following error screenshot I have captured by doing foundation with phoenix iso and with foundation VMs you don’t see any specific error however status will be stuck at inspecting files

WhatsApp Image 2019-10-15 at 12.56.36 PM

What I understand is foundation job is failed to clear the factory provided RAID 1 configuration for dua SSDs at first attempt. And in order to do foundation there shouldn’t be a any RAID Configuration

The workaound is very simple and it is very well known across all of us and it is “REBOOT” yes, reboot the node once and restart the foundation again and should work fine and it has worked very well with me.

If you still haveing issue after reboot also, involved Nutanix support to clear the RAID configuration or use the Foundation 4.4

it is known issue with phoenix iso  created from foundation 4.3, which has an issue cleaning up disk and reformatting and it is already fixed with the foundation version 4.4, so it is recommended to use 4.4 to create foundation image or you contact Nutanix support to get the Pheonix image


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