New VERITAS Enterprise vault Role Based Access Managment

From Enterprise vault 12x . Roles based access configuration has moved to Enterprise Vault management Shell however still is simple to manage and configure, here quick note to manage

Available access Roles

  • Domino Administrator
  • Exchange Administrator
  • Extension Content Provider Administrator
  • File Server Administrator
  • NSF Administrator
  • Power Administrator
  • PST Administrator
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • SMTP Administrator


Each roles provide unique set of permission to user but most of the time you need  Power Administrator which basically provide all the permission to manage enterprise vault, check following link to find suitable roles for your needs

Steps :-

Get-EVRBARoleMember  –> This cmdlet lists the RBA roles that exist in the Enterprise Vault Directory

Get-EVRBARoleMember -Identity ” Power Administrator”  –> to find out the assigned user under the roles of Power administrator

Add-EVRBARoleMember -Identity “Power Administrator” -Members “Domain name\username”   –> to add the user to specific RBAROLE


Thanks for your support

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