NetBackup Accelerator support for Nutanix AHV 8.2

Netbackup 8.2 has announce release of NetBackup Accelerator support for Nutanix AHV.

What is Accelerator :- 

If the client has no previous backup, NetBackup performs a full backup and creates a track log. The track log contains information about the client’s data, for comparison at the next backup.

At the next backup, NetBackup identifies data that has changed since the previous backup. To do so, it compares information from the track log against information from the file system for each file. For NTFS and ReFS file systems, it also uses the Windows change journal to help identify the data that has changed since the last backup.

Accelerator uses the Windows change journal in two ways: To check for changes in the file system metadata, and to help detect which files have changed since the last backup

The NetBackup client sends to the media server a backup stream that consists of the following: The client’s changed blocks, and the previous backup ID and data extents (block offset and size) of the unchanged blocks.

The media server receives the client’s changed blocks and the backup ID and data extents of the unchanged blocks. From the backup ID and file system descriptors, the media server locates the rest of the client’s data in existing backups.

The media server directs the storage server to write the changed blocks and the unchanged blocks in a new full image.

NetBackup Accelerator has following advantages with Nutanix AHV

Reduces the I/O and CPU overhead on the client. The result is a backup is up to 90% faster.

Creates a compact backup stream that uses less network bandwidth between the client and the server.

Create a catalog of full image that contains all the data that is needed for the restore


To enable NetBackup Accelerator support for Nutanix AHV please refer to following steps:

Download the NetBackup 8.2 Nutanix AHV plug-in from Veritas Entitlement Management System portal and install on NetBackup Backup Host. For instructions on download, please refer –> How to download –> section below.

Create Nutanix AHV protection policy by selecting –> Hypervisor –> policy type. This policy type is introduced in NetBackup 8.2. Select –> Accelerator –> checkbox in Policy attributes tab. Please refer Nutanix AHV Administration guide for more details

If you are already protecting Nutanix AHV environment using BigData policy type then please refer to �Migrating BigData policy to Hypervisor policy –>  for instructions on migrating –> BigData–>  policy type to –> Hypervisor –>  policy type.


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