Lenovo B-300 (Brocade) Fibre Channel switch configuration- SAN Switch

In this Blogs I am sharing some handy commands to configure the Lenovo B300 SAN switch, the steps are working very well with the Lenovo B300 SAN switch but it should also work fine with other B sequences SAN switch as all others switches such as HP, IBM are from the same mother (Brocade), I often had a scenario where the client doesn’t have a full fabric license and due to which replacement of the existing switch become manual task without ISL configuration, following are the steps to prepare the Lenovo B300 switch :-

 Switch admin configuration :

  1. Change the default ( Management IP address
  2. Active the license port license, note down truncation key and get the license key from the Brocade swportal
  3. Upgrade the firmware if required

Switch zone configuration :

 Run #showcfg on the existing old switch and note down all the configuration

1.Create alias

##alicreate “ESXIHOST01″,”20:00:00:24:ff:09:bf:9f; 20:01:00:1b:32:29:cb:1b”

2. Create zone

##zonecreate “zonename”, “ESXIHOST01; ESXIHOST02,

3.Create configuration

##cfgcreate “configuration name”,”zonename1;zonename2,

4.Save configuration


5.Enable saved configuration

## cfgenable configurationname


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