Whats new with NetBackup 8.2 for Nutanix AHV

Being a NetBackup expert , I always appreciate veritas to provide deep integration of NetBackup with the compatible technology’s . NetBackup Version 8.2 is GA from date June 2019 and has added good values to setup backup for Nutanix AHV

NetBackup 8.2 introduces an enhanced experience for the recovery of Nutanix AHV VMs that are protected using the BigData policy. The Administration Console’s Backup, Archive, and Restore page or the command line options can be used to plan the complete VM recovery in a user-friendly manner.

Starting with the 8.2 version, NetBackup introduces a new policy type called Hypervisor. The Hypervisor policy type lets you protect hyper converged systems and hypervisors like Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) or Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) The Hypervisor policy leverages several existing NetBackup features to protect the hypervisor and the virtualization workloads.

For example, Accelerator for Hypervisor using the hypervisor change block tracking capabilities You can use the Hypervisor policy for Nutanix AHV along with accelerator support with the upcoming plug-in

Component overview of NetBackup for AHV


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