Veritas (Symantec) System Recovery :- Restore Physical Server image to Virtual Machine

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These might be very legacy way to do the BareMetal server restore to the virtual machine but, indeed still we do have good amount of environment where they are still running there critical business application on the physical servers because application really demand the physical hardware . keeping very good backup for the physical server required little extra efforts compare to virtual environment . now a days modern datacenters are mostly virtualized and have also started moving toward containers (Docker) and for the backup admin to backup the virtual environment is like piece of cake.

With these blogs I am trying to help the audience whoโ€™s still running their application on the physical server and using Symantec System Recovery as there backup solution (imaged based)

Steps to restore the imaged based backup to virtual machine

  • The first you need to create new virtual machine with the single hard drive and make sure the BIOS version, if the source image is UEFI you need to change the VM setting to update the BIOS version to UEFI
  • Download the SDR boot disk from the VERITAS portal and mount .ISO file to the VM and boot with the CD
  • After you booted from the CD , veritas system recovery home page will open as below


  • First go to the network selection and start the network service
  • If your SSR images files are some where on the network then map the network drive to browse the files
  • Open the command prompt from utilities tab and run the clean command from the windows disk part utility as below


  • Now again come back to the home screen and select the recover my computer3
  • Once you select the recover my computer , you will see some warning but that can be ignore as you need to manually browse the location
  • Now browse the location and select the .sv2i files
  • Now you will see the initialize disk partition structure windows, here you just need to select check box on the disk and move forward with okay button
  • Select yes if it is asking you permission to write the disk structures now ?
  • Now select the all the volumes you want to restore and make sure below option are uncheck (original disk signature and restore master boot record)4.png
  • Make sure following options are unchecked5.jpg
  • Now start the restore and reboot the computer after restore Completed.


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