Create a Nutanix Cluster without Discovery (java) Applet and without IPV6

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As you already know that in order to do the foundation (Nutanix AOS installation) for the Nutanix cluster the best available option is to download the Nutanix java applet from the Nutanix support portal and foundation the node by discovering with the applet.

Java applet required ipv6 capability enabled on the network hence you need to make sure that there is no blockage in the network for ipv6. also, CVMs should be already running on the Nutanix nodes if CVMs are not running or not available on the nodes than the cluster creation neither will work with the java applet nor with the steps which I am trying to explain in this blog.

If the CVMs are not available on the Nutanix node then you must need to use Nutanix foundation VMs which is available to download on the Nutanix support portal to do the foundation

The requirement to create a Cluster without Discovery applet:-

  1. Set the IP address manually on each host
  2. Make sure all the host has the same version of hypervisor
  3. Make sure each CVM can ping every other CVM that you want in the cluster
  4. Run the genesis status command on each CVM and make sure you only see genesis and foundation running

Steps to do foundation 

  1. Once you confirmed that you satisfy above requirement, run the following command from one of the CVM (ssh)
  2. Run this command to create the cluster (assuming these are the CVM IP addresses)

##cluster -s,, –skip_discovery create

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