EnterpriseVault clienttest.gif failed,

recenely i was strugleing to the fix the issue with the one of enterprise vualt client computer where user was not able to access the archived email

https://evalias.veritas.com/EnterpriseVault  url from the client browser and it was working.


28/01/2019 12:59:59.536[7088][M]: HaveConnection::ExecuteTest – Connection test to: xxxxx/EnterpriseVault/clienttest.gif failed

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][M]: HaveConnection::ExecuteTest (80184779) – Ending connection

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][L]: ~HaveConnection::ExecuteTest

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][H]: Could not contact the EV web server (https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault) directly

28/01/2019 12:59:59.539[7088][L]: DesktopCommonConfig::GetSetting: 0x0

28/01/2019 12:59:59.539[7088][M]: Desktop Setting: RPCOVERHTTPPROXYURL

28/01/2019 12:59:59.540[7088][M]: Value: https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault

28/01/2019 12:59:59.540[7088][L]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::GetSetting: 0x0

28/01/2019 12:59:59.541[7088][H]: Trying the Alternative Web Application URL (https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault)

in my case ev tries to connect the vualt server but due to some certificate related issue it was redirected to the exhcnage RPC URL .

Resolved after removing the below checkbox from the internet explorere seeting

Check for Publisher’s certificate revocation

Check for server certificate revocation*

Check for signatures on downloading programs




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