How Rubrik Live mount work on the Nutanix ESXI cluster (Near 0 Downtime)

The basic idea of an enterprise backup product is too stable backup and reliable restore at the event of failure. I have been working for multiple backup products from long time and almost utilized all the available feature with the products. so what I am trying to say is that with the most of the product for restoring data you have to begin the restore job which means you can’t simply browse the data on the storage and download or copy to another location. but now these capability is available with the Rubrik and it’s really saving a time to restore.

with Rubrik live mount, I can directly Mount the virtual machine from Rubrik itself. Rubrik will behave like storage and it supports Hyper-v and VMware.

these how Rubrik Live mount work

  1. open the Rubrik Console and browse the VM .  in my case i am trying trying to live mount the domain controller        1
  2. browse the available snapshot from the snapshot windows


3. from the below mutiple option select the mount option and select the ESXI node to start the vm from


4. you can check the mount status from the live mount tab


5. once mout is completed you option to power on or unmount


6. now you see the Virtual Machine from the vcenter or esxi host 7

7.  from the screen shot you can see that disk storage is comping from Rubrik


8. migrate the VMs to suitable datastore



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