How to bootstrap Rubrik Appliance

Rubrik is providing very unique and quick way to boot strap the Rubrik Appliance , the setup is that easy that  cluster creation + backup configuration can be done in single day  . bootstrap is the process that’s create Rubrik cluster and converged all the nodes in to single storage pool . Here I am trying to share my experience during my first Rubrik model r6304 implementation

What I prepare 


  1. Bring 10g network switch with the DAC cable (these usually I’m carrying for Nutanix setup as well) During the Rubrik system setup , the system setup UI uses mDNS to identify the Rubrik nodes. Available Rubrik nodes respond to an IP multicast query directed at the unique serial number individually assigned to each Rubrik node but due to security reason requirement can’t be full fill by client so batter use your own switch i am useing following switch and cable (either 10g or 1g switch)
  2. Download the Bonjour Print Services software permits the System Setup UI computer to send and receive mDNS messages and install in your computer which you will use to run the bootstrap  Get the IP address as below , if you have three node cluster

    dag cable20190418_175122.jpg

    Rubrik switch


Number of Nodes

Node 1

Node 2

Node 3

Data & Management IP (bond0)



Time to Build Rubrik Cluster 

  1. Take a photo from mobile of Nodes serial number From the Rubrik BOX as belowserial number
  2. Open your internet browser and type  https://node_serial_Number.local
  3. Provide Cluster name
  4. NTP Server name :- since the switch doesn’t have external connectivity I use one of node ip address as NTP server  (later can change)
  5. DNS ip
  6. Management network subnet mast and gateway ip
  7. IPMI
  8. Data network (optional) :- I usually leave these option blank as I am gone use only 10g connection for management and data
  9. Select next
  10. Provide IP address for reach node (management , IPMI), leave the option data blank
  11. Select next ,
  12. Now take rest and enjoy your coffee 🙂


setup is very simple but make sure you have done the proper homework !




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