Enterprise Vault clienttest.gif failed & EV URL redirected to Exchange RPC

Recently I was struggling to the fix the issue with the one of enterprise vault client computer where user was not able to access the archived email and search was not working from the outlook search button.

Client Trace logs and below was identified

28/01/2019 12:59:59.536[7088][M]: HaveConnection::ExecuteTest – Connection test to: xxxxx/EnterpriseVault/clienttest.gif failed

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][M]: HaveConnection::ExecuteTest (80184779) – Ending connection

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][L]: ~HaveConnection::ExecuteTest

28/01/2019 12:59:59.538[7088][H]: Could not contact the EV web server (https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault) directly

28/01/2019 12:59:59.539[7088][L]: DesktopCommonConfig::GetSetting: 0x0

28/01/2019 12:59:59.539[7088][M]: Desktop Setting: RPCOVERHTTPPROXYURL

28/01/2019 12:59:59.540[7088][M]: Value: https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault

28/01/2019 12:59:59.540[7088][L]: ~DesktopCommonConfig::GetSetting: 0x0

28/01/2019 12:59:59.541[7088][H]: Trying the Alternative Web Application URL (https://serveralias/EnterpriseVault)

so here EV tries to connect the vault server but due to some certificate related issue it was redirected to the exchange RPC URL.

i have tried all the possible troubleshooting and redirect URL to EV alias but none was helpful , after checking so many things below was the simple solution

remove the checkmark from the internet explorer setting

Check for Publisher’s certificate revocation

Check for server certificate revocation*

Check for signatures on downloading programs


error seeting

Thanks !!

Action Conquer Fear

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