It’s been almost 3+ years helping IT admin to make their and our 😊 life easily with the help of Nutanix Hyperconverged solution.

I am designing and implementing Nutanix with all the supported hypervisor and the one thing I always enjoy is outstanding simplicity and one click management, I have strong feeling that Nutanix has completed his journey as an hyperconverged platform and now there is no further improvement really required but as you all know our industry keep required innovation so there is no full stop and we have to accept that there is always room for changes and improvement.

Nutanix has changed his definition from the Hyperconverged company to a complete stack for datacenter. What makes Nutanix platform as stack is new features which AOS 5.5 and later version brings. Nutanix bring complete software defined platform and there so dependency on the hardware which helps Nutanix team to integrate with another technology so seamlessly and I am sure now Nutanix is focusing beyond the Hyperconverged


It been 3+ years for me to working on NUTANIX Platform,  I used introduce Nutanix as an Hyperconverged solution which consolidate the datacenter but todays date complete definition is changed and new single line of introduction is (NUTANIX IS COMPLETE DATACENTER STACK), below are game changer feature

  • Built-In Virtualization (Nutanix AHV)
  • Nutanix AFS (acropolis file services Nutanix)
  • Nutanix ABS (Acropolis Block Service)
  • Nutanix clam
  • Nutanix beam
  • disaster Recovery with Async Replication (1hr or larger RPO)
  • Native backup with Application Consistent Snapshots
  • Self Service Restore ( best use cases development team)
  • Cloud Connect
  • Multiple Site DR (many to many)
  • Metro Availability
  • Disaster Recovery with NearSync or Sync Replication (1min-1hr RPO or 0 RPO)
  • On-premise Leap: Advanced Orchestration (Multiple Boot Phases, re-IP, Recovery Plan Test
  • Tunable Redundancy Factor
  • Availability Domains – Block/Rack Awareness
  • Data Path Redundancy
  • One-click Upgrades (Nutanix OS & Hypervisor)
  • Multi-hypervisor Management
  • One-Click Planning
  • Amazing Nutanix support
  • Compression and dedup
  • One client scale up and scale out

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