Lenovo DS2200 Storage Configuration

Initial configuration of Lenovo DS2200 is not complicated but it might be annoying you if you  used to do initial configuration from USB method.  Here are steps which I followed to configure Lenovo DS2200 storage.

As per the in the official document from the Lenovo each controller has default IP address but due to some reason both the IP address are not reachable so now remaining option is to configure by accessing the COM part ,

Requirement :-

I would recommend to use windows 10 machine or if you are on Linux or old window machine then you need to download the install supportive drive from the Lenovo website https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/   (Select Product Support –> navigate to Storage Projects –>  Peruse the location for information about the USB Driver

–> from the storage box take the USB cable and connect to storage controller

–> Download  HyperTerminal  https://hyperterminal-private-edition-htpe.en.softonic.com/download


Steps :-  

  1. connect you computer with storage controller A with the help of USB cable
  2. Go to computer management storage detect “Disk Array USB Port”1

3.  open Hyperterminal from your computer and connect to COM port with following setting


4. User Name :- manage

Password :-  !manage

7. To the set the ip addres run the following command
For example:

# set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller a

# set network-parameters ip netmask gateway controller b

Enter the following CLI command to verify the new IP addresses:

show network-parameter


1039795335 (Lenono Guide)


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