Nutanix Prism Central One Click Deployment (AOS 5.5)

I must say when it comes to Make the things easily and provide an amazing combination of the technology Nutanix team outstanding!

Nutanix is not a just hyper-converged system which simply converges the local storage to the distributed storage fabric (NDFS)but it provides the amazing platform where we can manage the complete infrastructure like a private cloud,

Prism Elements is signal web-based screen where we manage and monitor the single NUTANIX cluster, PE(Prism Elements) Runs on each C.V.M (Controller VM)


With the Prism Central (PC) ,

Prism Central is adding one  extra layer to the Prism Element , with the PC(Prism Central) we can manage + Monitor + also can plan future resource requirement for Mutiple Nutanix Cluster


Prism Central deployment available with the one-click deployment feature, below are the steps

  1. Download the installation binaries and Metadata file from the Nutanix Portal


  1. Access the Prism Element (HTTPS://Cluster,CVMIP:9440)
  2. Under the Prism Center Select Register or create new
  3. Select deploy New Prism Central Instance


5. Upload the downloaded files as below


6. Once uploaded , select install


7. Assign hostname and ip address to the prism central VMs

8. Wait the process to complete , installation process may take 30 min to 1 hours

9. nce the process complete ,register the prism central from Prism element 

10 To access the Prism Central lick the Lunch on prism element or acess the PC ip address with port 9440


Note:- Prism Central Default credentials

User Name :- admin

Password :- Nutanix/4u