Nutanix Cluster Health Check

Nutanix is now become more and more popular as an hyperconverged solution and in my blogs I am trying to cover steps to conduct the health check for Nutanix Cluster

Basically for health check “ncc health_checks run_all” is sufficient to provide all the required information however  you can gather specific information for below mention components with the help of below commands

+Cluster Info

– Cluster name

– Uptime

– NOS Version

– Cluster ID

– Block serial number

– HW model

 Commands to Run

 ncli cluster info

ncli host ls


+ Storage pool list

– Name

– Capacity (logical used and total)

– IOPS and latency

+ Container Info

– Name

– Capacity (logical used and total)

– IOPS and latency

– Replication factor

 Commands to Run

 ncli sp ls

ncli ctr ls

IOPS and Perf metrics can be viewed from prism page


 + CVM

– Status of service for each CVM

– CVM memory and VCPU usage

– Uptime

– Network stats

– IP addresses of CVMs

– NIC errors

 Commands to Run

 cluster status

allssh uptime




+ Disk status

– Perf stats and usage

 All Perf IO metrics are available on prism


+ Currently set gflags

ncc health_checks system_checks gflags_diff_check


+ Hypervisor

– Hypervisor software and version

– Uptime

– Installed VMs

– Memory Usage

– Attached Datastore

This is independent to the hypervisor ,


+ Datastore Info

– Usage

– Capacity

– Name

information available in prism


+ Disk list

+ Domain fault tolerance states

ncli cluster get-domain-fault-tolerance-status type=node

+ Default gateway

+ SSH key list

+ SMTP config

+ NTP config

information available in prism


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