Upgrade Veritas EnterpriseVault For Exchange 2010 Archiving From 11.0.1 to 12.2

Prerequisites :-



  1. Vault Service account requires a new SQL permission
  • The Vault Service account requires the VIEW ANY DEFINITION permission.


  1. Enterprise vault 12.2 requires uniform SQL collection


  1. Run Deployment scanner 12.2
  2. backup SQL and snapshot for VM
  3. Run updating required windows features if required
  4. Remove archiving schedule from task
  5. Allow MSMQ TO empty
  6. Set database permission and free space to upgrade
  7. Remove archive  expire from site properties
  8. Disable antivirus from server
  9. Disable UAC



Scope to upgrade :-


  1. Stop DA and CA service from other servers
  2. Disable enterprise vault admin service
  3. Stop other remote application service , DA CA
  4. Close any running application on server
  5. Run upgrade by selection upgrade existing server
  6. restart the server if setup ask for other wise no need to restart.
  7. after restart dont start enterprise vault services, first complete the database upgrade and restart the server


Database Upgrade :-

  1. Open Enterprise vault Management shell and run Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade
  2. Once upgrade complete review the report from Reports/DBUpgrade
  3. Backup upgraded database
  4. Start all enterprise vault service


Post upgrade task :-


  1. Check manual archive and restore from client
  2. Run the mailbox sync
  3. Run the provisioning task and review report
  4. Run now archive for one mailbox and check archived items and shortcut creating
  5. Configure the archiving schedule
  6. Install exchange OWA extension for exchange 2010 in cas server


if more details are required you can reach me on


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