Configure SAP hana database backup with netbackup

Step 1 -> install client on hana and configure a sap policy with no backup selection .

step 2 -> create node_names.txt file under location /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sap/ and mention the node name ( hostname ) in that. If multiple nodes are there than mention each node name top to bottom order.

step 3 -> edit the file /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sap/scripts/sap_oracle/initSAP.utl

mention master server name , client name  and policy name

step 4 -> linking backup script to hdbbackint

ln -sf /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/hdbbackint_script /usr/sap/BC3/SYS/global/hdb/opt/hdbbackint

If opt directory is not created than create it and link the also give 777 permission to opt directory

step 5 -> mentioning config file location in HANA

HANA Studio Admin console -> Configuration -> global.ini -> backup

2 parameters are modified

data_backup_parameter_file   -> file name should be /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sap/scripts/sap_oracle/initSAP.utl

log_backup_parameter_file    -> file name should be /usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sap/scripts/sap_oracle/initSAP.utl

>• Instance – Configuration – global.ini – backup – data_backup_parameter_file –>this should be location of initSAP.utl

>• Instance – Configuration – global.ini – backup – log_backup_parameter_file –> this should be location of initSAP.utl

>• Instance – Configuration – global.ini – backup – log_backup_using_backint –> should be set to True

In case of backup failure

>3. Backup Failure:

>• Verify Policy type is SAP.

>• Verify HANA Database is running.

>• Verify HANA Studio is configured and Database is accessible from HANA Studio.

>• Check the global.ini configuration parameters.

>• Verify that the node_names.txt file exist (/usr/openv/netbackup/ext/db_ext/sap/) on all nodes.

>• This file is created by the NetBackup administrator and should contain the names of all the nodes.

>• The node names should match the policy client.

To download the script

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