5 Things That Smart People Do On Weekends

If you think weekend is only about watching television mindlessly or browsing the internet, you are wrong. If you think it is only about visiting a bar or a restaurant with your friends, you are wrong yet again. But it is definitely the time when we are not under pressure to wake up early, reach office at time and prepare a power point presentation scheduled for an evening meet.

It is the time when we are free to do what we like to do. Some people utilize this time to discuss certain family issues and sort them out. Some make plans for the upcoming week. Here, we share five things effective people do on weekend.

1. Cut down on internet: If you spend less time on internet, you will find time for yourself and your family. So, tell everyone in your family to minimize usage of smartphones and laptops during weekends so that they can find more time for one another. If you are supposed to work on weekends, chose odd time to complete office commitments for example in the morning or during the night.

2. Make plans for next week: Try to spend some time either on Sunday or Saturday night to check yourcalendar and make schedule accordingly for the next week. If some event or festival is scheduled for the week, make preparations in advance on weekend as you won’t be free during weekdays.

3. Learn new things: If you could not find time to exercise or practice yoga during week days, you can do so over the weekend. Moreover, you can first learn the art by joining the yoga class on Sundays and Saturdays. Similarly, if you are a music lover and want play a guitar or a sitar, enroll yourself to a music class. 

4. Social work: If you want to do volunteer for some organization or NGO, weekend is the right time to do so. You can either teach kids for free or organize drawing or essay competitions for them. This will provide an opportunity for children to learn new things and in return make you happy and satisfied.

5. Discussions: Weekend is the perfect time to sit with your family members for lunch or dinner and discuss issues pertaining to them. You will be able to assess how well your kids are doing in school, tuitions or other areas. You can clearly ask you mother or father if they have any sort of problem and address them.


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