Small wonders: Brothers aged 10 & 12 launch mobile app firm registering 10,000 downloads

Many might says it’s no child’s play. But two brothers, still in school, have launched their very own mobile applications firm. Sanjay Kumaran is a CEO at just 10 years of age, while his 12-year-old brother, Shravan, is the president of the company Go Dimensions.

Floated last December, the firm has already made rapid strides. Within two months of its launch, the first product – Catch me Cop, a mobile application – was on display at Apple’s App Store. And in the next two weeks, there were some 2,000 downloads! No wonder that it drew the attention of, the popular website that comes out with lists of popular apps.

Sanjay studies in Class VI and Shravan in Class VIII at a Chennai school. Arguably, they can be considered the youngest chief executives of India. What is their business plan for this fledgling company? “Gaining popularity and earning revenue from advertisements through website traffic,” Sanjay said. “The applications we have developed have space for ads. We earned our first $100 through them,” he added, beaming with joy.

The proud father of the wonder kids, Kumaran Surendran, 45, is a techie himself and the director of an IT firm. He said his sons are aware that Apple keeps 30 per cent of the advertisement revenue. The boys got attracted to computers as Kumaran used to work from home. “Their curiosity for programming knew no bounds and I decided to channelise their interest. When I taught the elder one, he was barely seven years old and the younger one too joined in. Within three years, they mastered three languages – Cobol, Basic and Objective-C and started to create mobile applications,” the proud father said.